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12 color Pyraminx Crystal官方解法

1. First layer corners
This is very easy, until the fifth piece:

If a corner is in place but twisted, then repeat this sequence of moves twice to rotate it anti-clockwise,
or four times for clockwise.

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2. First layer edges
Bring the edge piece you want to insert to a location below the place you wish
to insert it, with the top face colour on top. Insert it as follows:


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Now turn over the Crystal so that the solved face is at the bottom.

3. Lower equator corners
It is very easy to put the five lower equator corners in their correct
locations. If one is in its correct place but needs to be twisted do this:


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4. Upper equator corners
To insert any corner from the top layer into the upper equator, use the
following moves:
The same sequence can also be used to move a corner out of the upper equator and into the top layer.
Repeating the move sequence twice will twist a corner in the upper equator clockwise. Repeating it four
times twists it anti-clockwise.

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5. Last layer corner orientation
Look at the last 5 corners, and see which colour they have in common. We
will twist them so that they all show that same colour in the top face.

Rotate the top layer so that one of the corners that
need twisting lies at the front. Do the following move
sequence TWICE to twist the corner anti-clockwise. This
is the same sequence as in step 1.
Note that the three front corners in the equator will also get twisted by this. Don’t worry, as they will
get untwisted automatically when the top layer is correct. If the top layer corner needs an clockwise
twist, then do the sequence 4 times instead of twice.
Repeat the above for every twisted corner in the top layer. Take care not to rotate the whole crystal –
turn only the top layer to bring a twisted corner to the front, otherwise the equator corners become

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7. Lower and middle edges
If one of the five edge pieces in the top face belongs in the bottom layer
or in the equator, then you can turn the top layer to get to one of the 6
situations shown below.

If the edge piece you want to solve lies horizontal in the top layer, you can bring it to an upright position
with the moves shown below. It can then be solved as above.
下一步  还原中层的棱块:

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